Valley Alignment and Auto Repair are experts in the repair and maintenance of hybrid vehicles. Our ASE L3 (Hybrid and Electric) trained and certified technicians can provide expert diagnosis and repair for all models of hybrid vehicles.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Hybrid Cars, Vans, and SUVs are no longer a rarity in and around Fargo/Moorhead. That’s why our hybrid repair technicians are backed with the latest in diagnostic equipment, technology, and training. Hybrid vehicles have unique components, but they also have the full complement of an engine, cooling system, transmission, and etc. As a full-service garage, we take care of all your vehicle needs, from hybrid battery repair to high voltage cooling system inspections.

Having made the investment on a hybrid vehicle, you’ll want to keep your high fuel economy with regular maintenance to give you the best performance and safety. With Valley Alignment and Auto Repair, you can keep your warranty without having to pay dealership repair prices and know we are there for you after your warranty expires.

We service hybrids for all including:

Unique to Hybrids

Hybrid battery repairs are a common concern. In addition to various failure mechanisms, they have a limited number of charge and discharge cycles, slowly loosing capacity with each use. Our services include inspection, conditioning, and replacement of the hybrid battery pack as well as the auxiliary battery. A bad cell or other failure will need to be replaced with a new or rebuilt unit and If they’ve become weak, leading to poor fuel mileage our battery conditioning service may be an option for extending their useful life.

Our hybrid car repair specialists are also experts when it comes to the electric motor that hybrids and other types of electric vehicles have installed. With our L3 certified technician, the more complicated electrical and electronic systems such as regenerative braking, inverter, and advanced display repairs can be performed on-site.

Hybrid Repairs and Maintenance

With hybrid vehicles still having all the original components of a regular gasoline or diesel vehicle. Our technicians perform necessary repairs and maintenance from oil changes and brakes to rebuilding transmissions and engines. Our expert services include

Valley Alignment & Auto Repair

Our team provides the personalized attention of a local garage with the latest advancements and factory information. Fully licensed and insured, we’ve been in business over 45 years at the same location with electrical troubleshooting expertise that goes back decades. Armed with the latest scanning and diagnostic equipment, our ASE Certified Master Mechanics receive over 40 hours of training each year to stay up to date. We can repair and maintain all aspects of your hybrid vehicle for one-stop service.

Visit Valley Alignment and Auto Repair for service for your hybrid vehicle, or call (218) 233-6208 to book your appointment today.